Jose Daniel VIllaverde

I am a Videographer able to capture special moments and create content to convey feelings, creativity, education and inspiration through images in both Photography and Videography.

I was born and grow up in Venezuela where I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer. 6 years ago I started to feel curious and inspired by photography and even more so about how to relay a message through audiovisual images.

I wanted to convey good experiences and motivate people by sharing videos, documenting my adventures and creating tutorials for my YouTube Channel. To show the world that you can achieve your dreams, that no matter what part of the world you are in,  we all have difficulties and there are always good people willing to help and that we have to take care of the environment around us.

I have now lived in London for 5 years and during this time I have participated in films as Director of Photography for Save me from myself, and everyday is your last. I have created commercial videos for different brands, Music videos, Festivals, and events. I can apply the skills I have learned in my work to make your dreams come true.