Dream Chaser Short Documentary

Ruksana is an incredible person which has been trying sports before and couldn’t fit into any as coaches and gyms weren’t prepared for severe sight impaired people. Now she has found in Crossfit what other sports couldn’t offer.

The Crak of Dawn Podcasts

The Crack Of Dawn Podcasts

The Crack of Dawn Podcasts is a section where members of the CrossFit Dawn can get information for the latest competitions, events, tips, participate and be in one of the episodes to share their own stories and journey in CrossFit and Fitness.

The Crack of Dawn is Filmed at JDaniel Films studio every two weeks. 

girls gone rx 2022

Girls Gone RX 2022

For the 3rd consecutives year CrossFit Dawn has hosted this competition where too many people and new faces had come to Dawn to participate and support each other.

We got the opportunity to filmed and interview the people during the competition.

Surge session

Surge Session

It is an introduction for new members to CrossFit. It Works the mobility, strength and elasticity in people who haven’t done CrossFit before and are interested in being part of the CrossFit community.

We made a photoshoot and a commercial video to promote this project and reach out to more people through the @CrossFit_Dawn, and @SurgeatDawn Instagram accounts.

autumn box battle

Autumn Box Battle

The Autumn competition was an incredible opportunity for athletes from CrossFit Dawn, Bermondsey and Hammersmith competed before winter and the coldest days arrive in London.

With 3 different categories, it gave the opportunity for everyone at different Levels to participated. At this first time, it was included the Rookie which is a new Category  for those whose are new in CrossFit, and for more experience athlete, there were the Scaled and RX categories.

We collaborated and covered the whole event taking 200+ Photos for the event sharing them with team and athletes.

Girls Gone RX
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Murph workout